1. Volunteers who provide their services in a voluntary capacity Undertake to:

  1. Ensure that Harbour Radio remains true to the community of Greater Yarmouth and focus on the needs of our listeners, the Harbour Radio Community and our colleagues.
  2. Ensure that all activities carried out within Harbour Radio are without thought for personal or commercial gain.
  3. Subscribe to the codes of practice contained in the Harbour Radio Charter.
  4. Comply with all codes, regulations and legislation relevant to Harbour Radio and community broadcast stations. and undertake to read and comply with any notices, rules, policies and procedures which communicated by Harbour Radio in writing.
  5. Be aware of current broadcasting legislation (and adhere to these and to the Harbour Radio presenter guidelines) before carrying out a broadcast role. In addition, ensure that all broadcast material remains within station rules, OFCOM broadcasting guidelines and other relevant legislation/
  6. Carry out all tasks in a manner that follows the current Harbour Radio Policy Statement.
  7. Carry out all reasonable instructions of the Station Manager or other Senior Officers of Harbour Radio.
  8. Be familiar with the set up and procedures relating to broadcasting equipment before operating any such equipment. Policies and Procedures relating to the use of broadcast equipment must be followed precisely.
  9. Treat Harbour Radio (and its partners) equipment, facilities and property carefully. Use station equipment and facilities for the production and preparation of Harbour Radio products and for no other purpose without the prior consent of the Station Manager. Volunteers will not remove station equipment or property on any occasion without first having obtained permission from the Station Manager.
  10. Agree that the copyright in all work produced using facilities provided by Harbour Radio or its community partners rests with Harbour Radio. Such work may not be reproduced or broadcast other than via Harbour Radio without the prior permission of Harbour Radio, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  11. Ensure that copyright material is not broadcast without the permission of the relevant rights holder. In the case of material written or produced other than by the volunteer (with the exception of music tracks publicly released for legal CD or download) clarification should be sought from the Station Manager on each occasion.
  12. Provide their services at the agreed date and time, or notify the Station Manager sufficiently in advance for other arrangements to be made. Have adequate time to carry out the agreed roles allocated and attend relevant meetings.
  13. Perform their duties to the best of their ability at all times.
  14. Conduct themselves and their work in a professional, safe and orderly manner.
  15. Encourage and stimulate others both within and outside the organisation to similarly contribute to our work.
  16. Attend Harbour Radio Induction Training and other training specified for the task(s) that they are to perform.
  17. Treat other volunteers, staff and members of the wider community with dignity, respect and courtesy.
  18. Immediately bring to the attention of the Station Manager any difficulties faults or safety issues.
  19. Respect confidential information gained through working at Harbour Radio.
  20. Pass any media enquiries relating to the business or activities of Harbour Radio to the Station Manager. Members should not, without the prior consent of the Station Manager (other than necessary in the ordinary course of their agreed duties) directly or indirectly publish any opinion, fact or material or communication with a third party relating to the business affairs of Harbour Radio or relating to any of its officers, employees or volunteers.
  21. You must notify the Station Manager of any personal interests that could conflict with your volunteer work with Harbour Radio.
  22. Pass any listener complaints to the Station Manager immediately without becoming further involved immediately.
  23. Not accept any gifts, presents, any material, exceptional hospitality or event invitations for personal gain. Likewise, such items should not be received as acceptance of a ‘payment’ for a sponsorship statement or broadcast credit. Where it is possible to accept such items in the form of a donation to Harbour Radio (for example, for listener competition prices) or to enable the work of Harbour Radio to be enhanced through review of or participation in events (such as attendance at events, theatre productions or film premiers) the provider should always be thanked and the item recorded in a register of such items. If a volunteer has any doubt over the acceptance of an item they should seek clarification from Station Manager.
  24. Accept that Harbour Radio will take every care of recorded material left at Harbour Radio but cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage.
  25. Members may resign from their volunteer service. It is requested that volunteers who intend to resign provide advance notice of their departure and a reason for their decision.
  26. Acknowledge Harbour Radio’s complaints procedures as the appropriate avenue for conflict resolution.


2. In Return, Harbour Radio will:

  1. Provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to undertake tasks.
  2. Treat volunteers as individuals and recognise their requirements to basic sickness, compassionate and holiday leave.
  3. Provide ‘Role Descriptions’ setting out the role descriptions of volunteer positions within Harbour Radio.
  4. Establish ‘Standards of Performance’ for each volunteer position.
  5. Provide evaluation feedback and advice on, and constructive criticism of, the work provided by the volunteer.
  6. Provide free of charge, facilities for the preparation and broadcast of radio programming.
  7. Conduct an introductory interview before appropriate role allocation and training is recommended.
  8. Provide free of charge, to the volunteer, and induction programme.
  9. Provide free of charge suitable training for the task(s) that volunteers are to perform.
  10. Work with partner organisations to make available accredited training courses.
  11. Hold appropriate levels of Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance.
  12. Provide regular and timely communication about events, changes in policy and procedure, training opportunities and general Harbour Radio news.
  13. Reimburse exceptional items for out of pocket expenses where these costs have been incurred as the result of a request, instruction or direction from the Station Manager, or Management Board Member of Harbour Radio.
  14. Give advice encouragement and support of further career development.
  15. Have confidential information respected by members of the Management Board.
  16. Provide, wherever possible and practical, work experience opportunities.
  17. Operate management, programming and employment practices which oppose discrimination and which are open and accountable to all supporters of Harbour Radio.
  18. Provide full and open access to all Harbour Radio Policy Documents. Provide all members with timely information on the details of changes to Harbour Radio Policy documentation.
  19. Provide a right of appeal in the event of any dispute over the interpretation of this agreement through the published grievance procedures.

Ask Station manager or a member of staff to get a printed copy of this “Harbour Radio Volunteer Agreement” document.