Should parking be allowed on Beach Road in Winterton?

Consultation starts today on whether or not people can park on Beach Road in Winterton.

Drivers have been asked to use ‘common sense’ when parking in the village, after parking on Beach Road caused bottlenecks.

There were also fears over the impact of congestion on emergency services vehicles, after an ambulance took 25 minutes to negotiate the narrow stretch. A Facebook group set up to promote the village urged people to use the car park by Dunes Cafe instead. Norfolk County Council is now asking people what they think of plans to prohibit waiting on Beach Road from its junction with King Street/King Corner to its easternmost end.

Responses can be emailed to The officer dealing with the public enquiries is Mrs Craske, who can be called on 01263 739041.


Donkeys put on a New Year diet because of overly generous dog walkers

Three donkeys in Burgh Castle have been overfed with treats and biscuits by well-meaning visitors to the Roman fort, and after receiving advise from a vet, are having to be put on a strict diet of simple grass and hay. Their owners Trevor Austin and Kara Barber say some people are regularly handing out whole packets of ginger nuts and other goodies including, on one occasion, candy floss. For the time being the donkeys are being kept away from the public who were more than welcome to hand out healthy carrots – their new snack of choice – when they returned to the field.


Women’s only gym celebrates its first anniversary

A women’s only gym which was set up help women build their confidence when working out has celebrated one year in business.

The Hut, in Potter Heigham was set up by personal trainer Tara Hall, after she noticed a number of her female clients reported feeling self-conscious and intimidated when working out in a general gym.

Taking on board her client’s feedback the 26-year-old decided to help address the problem by setting up a women’s only gym and The Hut was born.

Now, one year after its creation The Hut is flourishing and Ms Hall is looking to expand.


Shop owners humbled by response to retirement bombshell

For shoppers in Great Yarmouth it has been the last word in everything ethnic for decades, keeping their cupboards stocked with incense and worry dolls since 1982. Now the enterprising couple from Bizarre Bizarre are bowing out of Regent Street to step into retirement and plan their first holiday together for more than 20 years.

Beverley and Marty Rice have cut their opening hours ahead of their last day in May, and say they have been overwhelmed by the many hundreds of messages wishing them well and lamenting the end of a retail era, and like to thank all their staff and customers who have been so good to them over the years. Although the town had changed and trade had fallen off in the last few years they still had a loyal customer base, many of whom were regulars on first-name terms with the owners.

The couple hope to holiday together and spend more time with their grown-up children in London during their retirement.






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