Council criticised for pension investments in fracking

Campaigners have criticised Norfolk County Council for investing workers’ pensions into companies which frack.

Data released today by Platform and Friends of the Earth found the council invested £55.6m into fracking companies, while across the country UK council pensions funds invested over £9bn in the firms, but the groups claim public support for fracking is consistently low and are called on councils to divest. A council spokesman said the total fund value was £3.6bn, so £55.6m was just 1.55pc of the total value.

Jamie Osborn, from Norwich who represents Norfolk Against Fracking, said: “It’s shocking to see Norfolk council investing pension funds into the fracking industry. Fracking threatens communities, destroys local landscapes, and fuels climate change across the globe. As this industry tries to get a foothold in the UK, it’s crucial that our councils take a clear stand against fracking and divest from the companies responsible.”

Fracking involves drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixed is directed at rock to release the gas inside. It allows drilling firms to access hard to reach oil and gas, but it has caused controversy over environmental concerns.

In Norfolk five people a year die waiting for an organ transplant

I has been revealed that five people a year die waiting for a organ transplant in Norfolk.

Figures released today to mark the start of Organ Donation Week show 25 people from the area have died waiting for a transplant in the last five years and urges families to talk about organ donation.

Despite the fact more and more people are supporting donating their loved one’s organs, there is still an urgent need for more people to support donation.

Last year, 56 people in Norfolk had their lives saved by a transplant, in Norwich alone six people received a transplant last year, but five people died on the waiting list in the last five years.

There are around 6,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant across the UK.

Anthony Clarkson, interim director of organ donation and transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “It’s tragic that so many people from Norfolk have died waiting for a transplant – what is shocking is that many of those lives could have been saved, had more families agreed to donate organs.

“People are dying every day because some families are not talking about donation.

“We need more families in Norfolk to say yes to organ donation, so that more lives can be saved.”

For information on organ donation visit

Mental health trust encourages nominations in staff awards

The region’s mental health trust is asking patients, carers, and the public to nominate staff by two special recognition awards.

Nominations can be made in the adults and children’s, families and young people’s categories, and should explain why the person deserves recognition and how their work has had an impact on the nominee.

Entries can be made online, by post or by filling in a leaflet which will soon be available in trust premises, and must be received by midday on Friday, October 19.

The awards celebration will take place on March 21 at Trinity Park, Ipswich.

During the evening the winners in all of the awards categories will be announced, including Team of the Year, Emerging Talent, Inspirational Leader and Unsung Hero.

For more information visit

Parvovirus case confirmed in the Lowestoft area

A Facebook post by Three Rivers Veterinary Group posted on Facebook  confirmed they had a case of the parvovirus disease which can lead to life threatening illness in dogs.

The post read “Important news, we have had a confirmed case of Parvovirus from the Lowestoft area. If you have any concerns about your pet contact your usual surgery. Also please check your pet’s vaccines are up to date.”

According to the Blue Cross for pets website, Parvovirus is extremely contagious and spreads easily around dogs and puppies which are not up to date with their vaccinations.

It can live on inanimate objects such as food bowls, shoes, clothes, carpet and floors, and it is common for an unvaccinated dog to contract the virus from the street.

Symptoms include; foul-smelling diarrhoea with blood in it, vomiting, loss of appetite, collapse, depression, fever, and sudden death.

The site states: “If you recognise the symptoms above in your own dog, call your veterinary practice immediately for advice. Make sure to tell them what symptoms your dog or puppy has, and whether or not they’ve come into contact with a dog with confirmed parvovirus.”

Fans left heart-broken as Peter Andre cancels Great Yarmouth Show

Fans who missed out on seeing Peter Andre in Great Yarmouth on Saturday have described the singer’s decision to cancel his show as “heart-breaking”

According to the Britannia Pier Facebook page, the show was cancelled due to Mr Andre falling ill despite pictures posted less than 24 hours earlier showing him on holiday in Florida.

Gemma Reynolds, 36, an administrator from Great Yarmouth, said her disabled sister, Katie Killick, 35, was devastated to miss out on what she described as a “life-long dream”.

Fans have shown a mixture of disappointment, frustration, anger as well  as sympathy and get-well wishes as they await further information from Britannia Pier and Mr Andre’s management.



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