Rat droppings found in Great Yarmouth kebab shop

A food standards inspection has revealed the shocking state of a kebab shop in Great Yarmouth, which had rat droppings littering the floor of its store room.

UK Express Kebabs received a zero food hygiene rating as a result of the inspection, carried out by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The inspector found a number of major issues, including rat droppings behind a freezer in the store room as well as a fridge being well above the recommended temperature of eight degrees or less.

Areas of the premises, and equipment used were also described as “filthy with ingredients being stored in opened tins.

The eatery was ordered to bring in pest control and pest-proof their premises amongst other measures.

A spokesman for the Great Yarmouth Borough Council confirmed that it has been working with the premises to help improve standards, and the premises will be re-scored at an inspection in the near future.


Man who trolled dead people’s Facebook accounts including murder victim Hannah Witheridge appears in court

A ‘sick sadist’ who posted offensive material on the social media accounts of dead young people has admitted to four separate offences.

One of the deceased young women targeted by 38-year-old Paul Hind was Hannah Witheridge, from Hemsby.

Mr Hind also targeted Olivia Burt, a Durham University student who died from head injuries after an incident outside the city’s Missoula nightclub in February ,by labelling her a “sex worker” and “prostitute” on Facebook.

South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday that the defendant, of Westacres , also doctored an image of Olivia and posted pictures of children who were “clearly terminally ill” on her Facebook page on April 20.

Speaking after Hind had admitted four separate offences of conveying false information which was indecent or grossly offensive, relating to four dead people, Nigel Burt, from Hampshire, said his actions were a “desecration” of his daughter’s memory.

The other counts related to the deaths of Joe Tilley, 24, who was found dead at the bottom of a waterfall in Colombia in May, and 19-year-old Duncan Sim, whose remains were found at West Sands in St Andrews earlier this year.

District Judge Kate Meek, sent the case to Newcastle Crown Court for sentence on September 27, and praised the Burt family for sitting in on the proceedings.

Speaking outside court after the hearing, Hind said he was “deeply sorry” for his actions and that he had done them “for attention”.

‘I was addicted to energy drinks’ – Impact laid bare as government proposes ban on sale to children

I will never have an energy drink again” are the words of a Norwich woman whose addiction to energy drinks saw her down up to six cans a day and led to her having two seizures and losing her driving licence.

It comes as the government plans to ban the sale of energy drinks to children in England.

Youngsters in the UK reportedly consume more of the high-caffeine, sugar-loaded drinks than other children in Europe and the habit is harming their health and education, ministers fear.

Amber Clarke, 22, from Norwich was addicted to the drinks and it resulted in her having two seizures and having her driving licence taken away.


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