GY Today – Wednesday 18th July 2018

GY Today – Wednesday 18th July 2018

Man and woman appear in court over £19,000 benefit fraud
A man and woman have appeared in court charged in connection with a £19,000 benefits fraud in Great Yarmouth.
Shannon Trett and Charles Dersley appeared at the town’s magistrates court in connection with housing benefit and income support fraud charges and fake tenancy charges.
Trett, 22 and who gave her address as Alexandra bed and breakfast in Yarmouth, is charged with three offences. Two of them relate to housing benefit and say she failed to disclose Dersley was the father of her son in July 2013 and February 2014.
The other charge says she failed to say she lived as a husband and wife with Dersley between January 21 2014 and February 11 2016 to make a gain from Income Support.
Dersley, 29 of Admiralty Road, is charged with making tenancy agreements to commit or assist in the commission of fraud in January 2014 and July 2013.
Dersley and Trett indicated no pleas and they will next appear at Norwich Crown Court on August 15.

It ‘felt like my house was shaking’ – did you hear the roar this morning?
Alarm clocks were not necessary for many people in the Great Yarmouth area this morning, with the “incredibly loud” sound of aircraft providing quite the shock for some.
The noise from above was reported to have taken place at around 7.50am, with some suggesting it was caused by two F15 fighter aircrafts flying over from RAF Lakenheath.
People from Great Yarmouth, Caister, Gorleston, Bradwell and beyond took to social media to share their shock.
Tony Pugh said: “I was taking my dog for his normal walk and the actual path really vibrated but the clouds were heavy and low and I looked up near the bowling area but could not see the plane.”
Shani Bessey said: “I went running out thinking it was going to crash into my house. Couldn’t see it.”
Keshley Smas said: “I’m in Lound, it was very loud and my mum was on the phone to me in Gorleston – we heard it at the same time.”
Charmaine Lamley said: “I heard it too. Felt like my house was shaking it was that bad.”
Jeanette Rollin-chase said: “Yes it was loud, I had the hoover on and that’s loud but could still hear it above that.”
Hannah Miriam said it “was incredibly loud over our house in Bradwell.”
• The Mercury is investigating the cause of the noise and is awaiting a response from RAF Lakenheath

200-mile Norfolk day out starts at Joyland snails
And they’re off!
Great Yarmouth’s iconic Joyland snails were the starting point for a close-to 200 mile day trip around Norfolk today for the county’s mayors and chairmen.
Although not the quickest way to get around the trundling carriages got the day off to a cheery start, and for some of the dignitaries it was their first time aboard the vintage ride.
The Norfolk Grand Tour is visiting ten locations around Norfolk ahead of Norfolk Day on July 27 to showcase much of what the county has to offer.
It means six hours on the road for the civic dignitaries.
The day out starts and finishes in Great Yarmouth with a fish and chip supper at Sara’s Tearooms at 7pm.
First stop after Yarmouth was Britannia Terrace in Norwich for a fine view of the city before moving on to the Forum.
Other destinations include Captain Mainwaring statue at Thetford, Bressingham Steam Museum, Cromer Pier and Ranworth Broad.
Mayor of Great Yarmouth Mary Coleman said: “It’s like going on holiday but without the packing.”

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