GY Today – Thursday June 28th 2018

GY Today – Thursday June 28th 2018

Town prepares to give welcome to cruise ship passengers
Welcome to Great Yarmouth and have a nice day!
That is the message hundreds of American cruise ship passengers will hear in Great Yarmouth when their ship docks in the town on Saturday.
The Seabourn Quest is due to dock at Peel Ports’ Outer Harbour at approximately 7am.
Carrying 458 American passengers as part of a northern European tour offered by Seabourn Cruise Line, the passengers will be assured of a five star welcome thanks to a partnership between Peel Ports and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, including a civic reception on the quayside where the American visitors will be greeted by the band Great Yarmouth Brass and local magician Sean Goodman.
There will also be a presentation at 10am to the ship’s captain by deputy mayor Kerry Robinson-Payne. The passengers will also enjoy a special coach tour, which will visit some of the town’s key attractions such as the Time and Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth Minster, the market place, the Fisherman’s Hospital and the Golden Mile.
Mrs Robinson-Payne said: “This is a great opportunity to develop a new side to our visitor economy through the Outer Harbour.
Richard Goffin, port director at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth, said “We are looking forward to welcoming Seabourn’s American passengers and hope they enjoy their time here.”

Warning from Police after vessels cast adrift
Boat owners are being warned to be vigilant after some vessels were cast adrift from their moorings.
The warning comes from the Norfolk Police BroadsBeat team after three reported incidents in the 7 days.
Between 4pm on Tuesday, June 19 and 10.50am the next day, a boat was untethered from its moorings at a quay in Great Yarmouth.
The boat drifted along the river and a number of other vessels were damaged.
A boat was set adrift moored in Wroxham between 11pm on Saturday, June 23 and 3am on Sunday, June 24.
Five dinghies in Barton Turf were also cast adrift sometime overnight on Saturday, June 23.
PC Paul Bassham, beat manager, said: “What might seem light hearted could have serious consequences and I’d urge people to think twice before indulging in this kind of behaviour.”
Anyone with information call the BroadsBeat team on 101

“Gorleston beach is one of the great secrets of England” hails Danny Boyle
Speaking before yesterday ’s filming event on the wide sands he described as “joyful” the time he had spent in the town saying it was “a lovely feeling” coming back.
Mr Boyle has been filming in multiple locations across East Anglia, culminating in the beach scene in Gorleston, said to be a key moment in the film.
The movie’s working title Jack and Ellie, is a Richard Curtis-written is a romantic comedy inspired by the Beatles.
Mr Boyle said: “ We were in Gorleston for about a month and then we went away and we were in Liverpool and London, and now we are back and its a lovely feeling coming back actually”.
“We have had a such a joyful time here and especially the Pier Hotel has been extraordinarily helpful for us.
“It is very beautiful and it will be lovely to celebrate it today.
He said: “I do not think enough filming is done here and it is quite a novelty. People are pleased to see their home area being shown in film and it is a very good hearted film.”

Which roads have most noisy neighbour complaints ?
More than 850 complaints about noisy neighbours were made to Great Yarmouth Borough Council in just over two years, figures have shown.
Figures from the council show that Leman Road in Gorleston had the most noise complaints, with 18 reported to the council.
The majority of the complaints related to two homes which are under the wing of Orbit Housing.
King Street in Great Yarmouth was next highest with 10 and then Alderson Road, Exmouth Road, Lowestoft Road, Orford Close and Quay Road came third with each having nine noisy neighbour complaints.
In joint fourth place was Lichfield Road and Victoria Road with eight complaints.
Then in joint fifth were Middleton Road, Nelson Road Central, Regent Road and York Road.
In a statement, the borough council said: “While the council does have legal powers to address noise nuisance, complainants are advised in the first instance to try talking or writing to their neighbour to try to reach a speedy and amicable resolution.
“If this does not resolve the issue then the council will investigate, which may involve an officer visiting to speak to the parties concerned to try to resolve the issue and provide advice”.
“Complainants are asked to log noise incidents on diary sheets, both to use as evidence demonstrating the nature and extent of the issue, and to help the officer to schedule any spot-checks to experience the issue first-hand.
“There is also the option of downloading a new Noise App that allows residents to record levels on their phones and send this directly to the council as part of the evidence-gathering.”
“Any customers who are experiencing problems such as these are encouraged to contact us directly.”

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