Golden Globe winner Sara Carinhas visit Harbour Radio


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Sara Carinhas (Lisbon, June 30, 1987) is a Portuguese actress. She is the daughter of the director Nuno Carinhas and of the dancer and choreographer Olga Roriz.

Almost by chance he enters a short film by Rui Simões. Shortly afterwards I was in the National Theater D. Maria II to do a Greek tragedy staged by Fernanda Lapa. He also participates in the musical Cabeças no Ar, a musical staged by Adriano Luz and in the film “Coisa Ruim” by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra. It appears in the piece “Paradise” by Olga Roriz and in the play “Leôncio e Lena” by the German playwright George Büchner for the Theater of the Cornucopia. Later he works with Ricardo Pais in a play by Shakespeare that premiered at the S. João National Theater in Oporto. In the same space enters in “Drums of the Night” (2009), of Brecht, with staging of its father.

She worked in theater, while actress, with Adriano Luz, Fernanda Lapa, Ana Tamen, Olga Roriz, Ricardo Aibéo, Ricardo Pais and Nuno Carinhas. Worked with the School of Women as a rule and assistant.

On the big screen he later participated in “The Strange Case of Angelica” (2010) and “Secondary Effects” (2011).

In 2013 he joined the cast of the series “Bem-Vindos a Beirais” by RTP.

In 2014 participated in the pieces “The Farsa” and “Cyrano de Bergerac”. It also premiered as a director, with As Ondas

He directed actors in the series “Therapy” of RTP.

In Cinema and TV

2016 – Women Like That (TV)

2013 – Welcome to Beirais (TV)

2012 – The Lines of Torres Vedras (TV)

2011 – Secondary Effects [Film by Paulo Rebelo]

2011 – Bizarre Love Square (short)

2011 – And Time Passes [Film by Alberto Seixas Santos]

2010 – The Strange Case of Angelica [Manoel de Oliveira’s Movie]

2008 – I, Mourning (short)

2008 – Alpha (short)

2008 – The Sense of the Wacky (short)

2006 – Bad Thing [Film by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra]

2005 – My Mirrors


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