Harbour Radio welcomes young people to have their say on the airwaves

Harbour Radio welcomes young people to have their say on the airwaves

There’s an old saying that ‘children should be seen and not heard’, but a local community radio station is set to change all that!

Great Yarmouth’s very own Harbour Radio, the borough’s FM community station is launching a show dedicated to the youth of the town and it’s surrounding areas.

The Harbour Youth Matters Show will be presented by school pupils and college goers alike with topics being discussed that are close to the hearts of those of the younger generation.

Station Co-Ordinator and Radio Show presenter Dave Eagle, who is heading up the mentoring of the project said: “There has long been somewhat of a stigma surrounding how young people are perceived and I can’t help but feel they tend to get a bit of a bad deal. The ethos behind this great project is to change all all that, to promote positivity, grow individuals confidence and above all else, give our youth a voice! Having been given the opportunity to become involved at Harbour myself just over 2 years ago thanks to Nevv Moore (Station Manager), it’s nice to give something back to the community and teach the skills that have been given to me”.

Mr Eagle is outreaching to local schools, colleges and youth groups who would like to get involved to get in touch.

In addition, the station is encouraging local businesses to help support the project in the way of show sponsorship.

If you would like to contact the station regarding these, please call 01493 923877 during office hours Monday to Saturday 9AM-3PM.

The Harbour Youth Matters Show will be broadcast on alternate Saturdays from tomorrow (10th March) between 1pm-2pm on 107.4FM in the Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas, online via the Listen Live’ tabs on Facebook and www.harbourradio.co.uk or on mobile devices courtesy of the ‘Tune In’ app.

Harbour Radio can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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