The Holiday Lorry is here

The Holiday Lorry is here

The Coca Cola lorry has reached the Market Place in Great Yarmouth Town Centre.

Come and have your photo profesionally taken for FREE!  Next to the Holiday Lorry. You will then be handed a card with a code on it so that within 3 days you can download your picture. Whilst you are queuing for your photo you will be given a free Coke; Light, Zero, Diet or regular.

There is also a snow machine so feels like you are waiting in the snow. There is music playing making a brilliant holiday atmosphere.

It’s opem until 8pm this evening, the queue will close approximately 7:00pm/7:30pm depending on the length, for example  if the queue wait is an hour then the queue will close at 7:00pm,  The queue at present is very long and was backed up to peacocks at 4.:30pm.

So get there early so you don’t miss out.

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