Great Yarmouth hotel set to be demolished

Great Yarmouth hotel set to be demolished

One of Great Yarmouth’s major hotels is set to be demolished after it closes down.

The Raynscourt Hotel on Eusten Road will close for business on January 2, 2016, after its owner of 37 years retires.

Kay Rockach, has put in a planning application for the hotel to be demolished.

Ms Rockach, said: “I am over 70 years old and I have contributed so much of my life to the town of Great Yarmouth, now I feel it is time to retire and enjoy my later years.

“After trading for 37 years we are saddened that we must end an era in such a way.

Ms Rockach said that she hoped to sell the building to a hotel brand, but there is no interest as long as there is a building on site.

In her planning application she has suggested that the land be turned into car parking space for the nearby Raynscourt Lodge bed and breakfast, and nearby hotels until someone buys the site.

This story was provided by Great Yarmouth Mercury

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