Sunshine attracts big crowds to Out There Festival day two

Sunshine attracts big crowds to Out There Festival day two

Thousands of people have been heading into Great Yarmouth’s town centre this afternoon in the glorious sunshine to take in the delights of the 2015 Out There festival.

Today was the first full-day of the festival, which got underway yesterday evening, and the good weather has brought in people from all over the country who were taken-in by all the strange and wonderful performances going on around them.

Linda Clarke, from Leicestershire, said: “We are very happy that we stumbled across the festival during our weekend here. It is very different to all the usual village festivals and carnivals.

“There is something for everybody and it is good fun for the children, especially with the workshops where they can get involved themselves. With the weather being so nice it has created a lovely atmosphere and the setting is quite something.”

The festival, now in its eighth year, is taking place throughout St George’s Park with several pitches set-up for all the performances, and also throughout Great Yarmouth with events taking place in the Market Place and at St George’s theatre.

Karen Burns, of St George’s Road, said: “Me and my husband come to the festival every year. It’s a bit of fun and it’s free. It attracts loads of visitors so its really worth it. I would recommend anybody who hasn’t seen all the amazing sites at the festival to come down and take a look.”

Proceedings began today with The ‘Oss and the Ox street carnival on St George’s Plaza, which brought together the worlds of England and Brazil through music, puppetry and dance.

Other noticeable performances throughout the afternoon included The Giant Balloon Show, a one-man show which pushes the use of balloons to the limit, and a spectacular aerial acrobatic show called Voyage Fantastique.

Today’s festivities will conclude with a spectacular street procession by the ‘Transe Express’ which will light-up the streets with skeleton puppets, drummers, dancing and plenty of smoke. The procession will end at the Sealife Gardens with a huge fireworks display.

This news story was provided by the Great Yarmouth Mercury

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