New operating theatres built at hospital

New operating theatres built at hospital

Patients at the James Paget University Hospital are set to benefit from a new operating theatre suite which is part of an £8m programme to improve facilities.

The investment will see the hospital, in Gorleston, upgrade its existing theatres and comes amid an inspection by health watchdog the Care Quality Commission.

Sue Watkinson, the hospital’s director of operations, said: “What this means is that we can admit more patients than before. The facilities are state of the art. It’s a fabulous building.”

The new suite, which comprises three theatres, can treat up to 40 patients per day and takes the total number of operating theatres at the hospital from seven to eight.

It will only cater for patients who can be given surgery and discharged in the same day. A broad range of operations, surgeries, and treatment can be carried out at the theatres, in areas such as gynaecology, urology, and ear, nose and throat.

The theatres feature a modern air- flow system which is designed to reduce the risk of contaminants entering the building, helping patients avoid infections.

As well as the new theatres, the suite contains facilities such as patient recovery rooms, a staff rest room, a waiting room, a ward, a storage room, and changing rooms.

Under the improvement programme, one of the existing theatres will change its use from being open to all patients to only treating emergency cases.

Two existing theatres will be closed because the hospital does not currently have the capacity or demand to run 10 theatres.

But those two theatres are likely to open in the future when demand grows, Mrs Watkinson said.

Staff changing rooms and patient recovery rooms in the other existing theatres will also be upgraded.

She said: “As technology changes we have to keep up.

“This is the start of a longer refurbishment programme at the trust and we are very happy with the suite.

“Each patient will have a bigger space where they can recover with dignity.”

Sarah Downey, divisional director for elective services, said: “The introduction of these new facilities will result in greater efficiency in carrying out surgical procedures.

“We will be able to group procedures together, while we will avoid the need to adjust the theatre settings between operations – something which will be welcomed by staff.”

Beverley Block, a senior sister at the hospital who will run the suite, said: “It’s big and it’s exciting for staff. They will see our suite and be very excited to be here. Hopefully patients will have a good experience of being here and we hope it will reduce waiting lists.”

The new suite will admit its first patients on August 24.

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