‘Without them we wouldn’t have coped’ Gorleston couple’s donation thanks for hospital team

‘Without them we wouldn’t have coped’ Gorleston couple’s donation thanks for hospital team

Excited parents-to-be Akita Greenwood and Bodie Carter were over the moon to discover they were expecting their first child, cautiously waiting until at least 12 weeks to tell family and friends.

From the outset there was nothing to suggest the pregnancy was anything but normal and Akita, 24, sailed through the first few months without a problem.

But within an hour on June 13 last year they went from being an expectant mum and dad to bereaved parents, their world shattered.

“There was nothing that could be done to prevent it. It was horrendous,” Bodie said.

“Akita was asleep on the Thursday night and woke up in pain. We travelled to the hospital and within an hour he was born. Akita was in shock more than anything and numb. I was trying to support her during the birth but it felt like my world had ended. For five months we had been looking forward to our baby’s arrival and for it to happen like this at this time was awful. I thought that once we had got through the 12 week stage everything would be alright.”

Sadly their perfect baby Bo was stillborn at 20 weeks.

Overcome by anger and disbelief the 25-year-old’s first instinct was to turn his back on the pain and trauma, scoop up his partner, and leave the hospital and their baby behind.

But persuaded by the bereavement team at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston the couple were urged to connect with their baby and take the first steps towards accepting their baffling loss.

“I cannot imagine the state I would have been in if it wasn’t for them,” Bodie said. “I would have been still dealing with what had happened because of the decision I made in that moment. If it had not been for them looking after us as they did I would have left the hospital that day and I would never have seen my son and neither would have Akita. For them to have been as helpful and understanding as they were and to look after Bo as they did was amazing.

“They allowed us to gain our composure, accept what happened and move on in the right direction. Without them we would definitely be in a much worse situation than we are.”

On days when they do struggle the couple can turn to a memory box, made up for them by bereavement team staff giving them something tangible to hold as well as their memories.

The box contains sphotos, hand and foot prints, clothes, angel keepsakes and resin hearts with Bo’s ashes, funded by personal donations and the goodwill of the bereavement team.

Akita still keeps the heart with her at all times.

The team also registered the birth and arranged the funeral.

Bo’s body was held at the hospital for a week when close family were able to visit, their reassurances that he was beautiful encouraging Akita and Bodie to see him for themselves too.

Now pregnant again, the couple of Beccles Road, Gorleston, have hailed the bereavement team for their invaluable help and handed over a cheque for £627.

The money was raised by Bodie’s colleague at Enermech Lauren Goldsmith who ran two marathons in two days in aid of the JPH team.

Akita said: “When Bo was born, we were supported until his funeral, which mortuary and bereavement co-ordinator Mica Benson attended.

“Without her and the work that her team do we wouldn’t have coped with the loss of baby Bo.

“We wanted to thank them for the help and support that they provide to grieving parents; so when our friend Lauren Goldsmith offered to run two marathons in two days in order to fundraise for the bereavement suite, we gratefully accepted.

“We were so pleased to give the team our cheque so that they can continue providing the memory boxes and support that is so vital to families.”

Mica Benson and Katie Lochrie (pictured), were also thrilled to hear the news that Bodie and Akita are expecting another baby in the New Year.


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