Heat to be turned up over £112m river crossing in Great Yarmouth

Heat to be turned up over £112m river crossing in Great Yarmouth

Fresh pressure is to be brought to bear on the government over the long-awaited third river crossing for Great Yarmouth.

While the government has given the green light to a new crossing in Lowestoft, Norfolk county councillors fear the Yarmouth equivalent is in danger of being left behind.

They have warned that, if they “sit on their hands”, it could be 30 years before the crossing is built.

They plan to lobby MPs, with the support of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, to push the crossing to the top of the agenda.

Colleen Walker, chairman of County Hall’s economic development sub-committee and county councillor for Magdalen ward in Yarmouth, said it was essential that the crossing happened.

She said: “We are going to lobby MPs for money for the river crossing, with support from the LEP.

“We are shovel ready to go and this is vital not just for Yarmouth, but for the rest of Norfolk. We can’t just sit on our hands.

“We will go to the ministers, with Mark Pendlington from the LEP, and make the business case for the crossing.

“We will be taking representatives from all political parties because we need to show we are all singing from the same song sheet.

“We could be waiting 20 to 30 years if we do not do something quite quickly.”

A route for the £112m crossing was identified more than five years ago – spanning 50m from the Southtown area to the South Denes area of Yarmouth.

Supporters of the crossing say it is crucial to cut congestion and to improve links to the town’s port.

Chancellor George Osborne gave the go-ahead to a third crossing over the water at Lowestoft in March’s pre-election budget.

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